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The one peoples public trust 1776(OPPT):

in Truth, Integrity, Responsibility, Accountability, Transparency.



The 25th of december 2012 the OPPT released a statement. It has been weeks to digest the statement and the documents published on their web site. Much of it is written in legal speak and difficult to understand. However these documents were not meant for the general public, but for the powers that were (PTW). Slowly a clearer picture starts to appear as to what they have actually done.


The idea

the economic, government and corporate system is so corrupt over the whole world that changing it into something better is useless/impossible. Everything is based in commerce. Every government is actually a corporation. The PTW have been lying to you and deceiving you. Basically it is the most insidious slavery system ever. Insidious because they make us believe that we are free, that our votes mean something, while in the background they just run their own agenda and keep us as a working force. They keep us stressed and busy with work we need to do to be able to pay our next mortgage. TV with soap operas to dumb us down etc. etc. Best we be busy so we don’t have time and start to think for ourselves. The rabbit hole goes deep, very deep.

Because the system is so corrupt it is beyond hope to repair. Therefore the OPPT thought the best way to proceed was to start a whole new system based on Truth, Integrity, Responsibility, Accountability, Transparency according to natural law. The OPPT wanted to take it back all the way to prime/source/god. ie. every person is made by source and is thus only accountable to source. All the rest is fiction. Since source is not here to claim the person, then the person is only accountable to him/herself with complete responsibility and liability.

Of course we are not used to think for ourselves so it may take some time before we get used to this. But as it very much looks like the ‘nanny’ governments are gone. As of the 4th of december 2012 they have taken down the whole system, worldwide. Well at least on paper, that is. Because as we look around we still see the same old paradigm at work. For now….


How this was achieved

Before we can go into that, first a few words about the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). Since every government, yes all 194 of them, banks, the judicial system etc are corporations and based on commerce, they are all registered in the Washington DC UCC register or international equivalents thereof. ‘UCC law’ it appears is not taught in regular law schools, but is well known higher up on the corporate ladder. Basically the UCC is the Bible when it comes to commerce. Important to know is when filings stand unrebutted (unchallenged), it becomes law.


The process of filings by the OPPT to the UCC was done like this:

  • First an entity was created called ‘The Debtor’
  • Then all the whole system, worldwide (governments , banks etc) was rolled into this entity called ‘The Debtor’
  • The accusation was made against the entity called ‘The Debtor’. (They basically accused them of treason, running a slavery system, running a private banking system, murder etc.
  • Then they gave them a time limit to rebut the accusations (Which they can’t, because then they first have to admit that these governments ARE corporations, so it is unrebuttable)
  • When no rebuttal was forthcoming after the time limit then this entity was suspended for failing to comply.
  • And they ordered them an audit with time limit which also was ignored.
  • Then they filed an ‘order of finding’ which is a notice that they are foreclosed on.
  • and finally they could file an order for termination for cause (Because they did not rebut they basically admitted). So all these governments etc are officially foreclosed.


The OPPT make the claim that the original trust was between the creator/god/source (grants everything) and the beings on earth. These documents tie us back to this. Thus every human being is now a beneficiary of that trust. No other authority. This makes it unrebuttable. Meaning, at least on paper, we are all free. No more governments, no more banks, courts, vatican, borders. The OPPT used their (PTW) own system against them.

Basically, the system has been reset.



But this is not all, they did more. They created the legal ground work through filings to the UCC for the implementation of what they call Creator’s Value Asset Centers (CVAC). They are service units or administrative units administrating the assets based on natural and common law. They operate in complete Truth, Integrity, Responsibility, Accountability, Transparency. The possibility is there to create 194 CVACs in total, one for each ‘former’ country. Everyone of the people of the world belong to each CVAC created. The OPPT has already created and activated the united states of america CVAC Branch, which became active the 4th of december 2012.



The OPPT has also secured the assets of the world. $ for each person in the world and an additional $ for each person in the world for damages done. The thought is that we all together own the assets (in gold, silver, other metals and gems etc.) equally.


What can we do

For now, the most important thing is to get informed. Then before you do anything else, change your thought patterns. This is very much an internal spiritual and maturation process. Start feeling that you are already free. Get your head around it and feel it in your heart.

The OPPT has also made some tools available in the form of documents that you can use to challenge the ‘old system’. Basically you ask what authority they have over you. This process is not for the feint of heart and you have to know what you are doing. The sovereign movement and freeman on the land movement have been doing this with different degrees of success. Some have found themselves in jail. The difference with these movements is that they have tried the extract themselves from the system, while the OPPT as taken the system away. In the near future maybe we have to make a decision for ourselves if we want to be free to start challenging the system. This is best done if we are many, then they have no way to stop this. Because, think, the system is made of people like you and me. The best way is to start and just friendly inform people in the system about these filings so more people get informed. But let us see what happens in the near future because this feels like a snowball that just started rolling downhill.



The future may look like this. We don’t really use money anymore. If we want to eat, do or need something, everything will be freely available. We have much more free time and we can do what makes us happy. While many will argument that the world will stop working I don’t think that will be the case. We will work (or do service) because we want to.  Most people will not sit on their behinds, doing nothing all day. We will want to make it work. But it will be challenging to really start thinking for ourselves and taking responsibility for all our actions, word and thoughts.


We will see, still new information is coming out and the picture will becoming clearer as we go. This may well be ‘History in the making’!