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The Dreamlife Project

We want to hear from YOU!

Tell us about the life of your dreams!

We are in the middle of a shift. A shift in paradigms. Our realities are changing with increasing speed. Old structures are crumbling and new structures based on the new paradigm of love, cooperation and abundance have to be created. New creations start with intention and ideas. We have to build this together, we cannot wait for our governments to take the lead.

Therefore, we want to hear from YOU. What are your dreams, how would YOU want to live your life. Think BIG, free of limitations, don’t hold back. Let your heart speak and dream and write it down in a positive, enthusiastic, passionate essay!

Write about what you DO want, NOT about what you DON’T want. This is very important, because your thoughts are energy and you attract what you think about. This may be a challenge at first, because many of us know what we don’t want but are less sure of what we do want.

So, start dreaming and send us your stories. We are thrilled to receive your contributions!

Together we can create a new existence!

For more information go to http://dreamlife.energibalans.se

Please help me spread this far and wide…