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The Maiona Group Presents: The Jakaara Project
“A New Dawn, A New Beginning, A New Generation.”

The Maiona Group
The Jakaara Project
“A New Dawn, A New Beginning, A New Generation.”

Hello and Welcome to All,

We currently find ourselves as individuals, families and communities, awakened via information we have received via the many social and network medias, that now has us poised and ready that we can all come together to assist in the regenerative and restorative measures required for our continued development and planetary wellbeing.

The model we are putting forward to drive this is “The Jakaara Project”, and is designed at promoting a new way of living through the development of enterprise, planetary resource, eco-systems and people, with the intention we can all move forward with but One Purpose, for One People and One Planet.

The following proposals, concepts, developments and thoughts can only come to life through the unified acceptance of you, the people that we can all work towards a loving, nurturing, peaceful and more harmonious way of life, thereby ensuring a better future for ourselves, our planet and future generations.

 “We are all the change we’ve been waiting for!”

The intent is to build global communities based on resource, energy and technologies that create healthier living environments.

The Jakaara Project begins in the South East Queensland region with an event called the “World Indigenous Seminal Exposition” or “WISE” event.

This event will open on the 16th of April, 2018, following on from the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony on the 15th

The expositions aim is to showcase and present working, practical models, projecting vibrant, living communities, utilizing a vast array of new technologies.

Exposition themes would center on the climatic and environmental aspects of the major continental regions of the globe whilst also highlighting the spiritual, cultural and artistic values that are intrinsic to everyone’s genetic makeup.

The central construction site covers an area in excess of 40 square km, but developments will also be spread throughout the whole South East Queensland corridor from the Sunshine Coast down to the NSW border.

Following is a more detailed explanation that is “The Jakaara Project“.


Welcome to “JAKAARA” proudly bought to you by The Maiona Group, an alliance of organizations, businesses, groups and individuals that have come together with a unified vision for a better living environment.

Jakaara is a word from the language of the original inhabitants of Australia and its literal interpretation is the “New Dawn”, giving rise to the intention we have of changing aspects in the way we as sentient beings interrelate and conduct ourselves with one another.

Combined with the community we will build and co-create new concepts and models for living. We wholeheartedly appreciate anyone and everyone’s participation in this life changing experience. The combined talents of all areas of the community will be utilized, from the disabled, youth, elderly, family group, ethnic, religious, environmental through to community services, commerce, trade as well as all governing bodies. There will be global community co-operatives initiating forums, discussion groups, steering committees and others, integrating a healthy working relationship with technologies and planetary resources.

The vision is to develop self-sustaining communities that are able to utilize local resources for their continued socio economic stability, whilst working in total harmony with the nature. These communities would have sporting, educational, cultural, recreational and other community facilities that will be available to anyone, at any time.

In the past newborn children have entered the world and inherited the values, accomplishments, hopes, successes, failings and subsequent chaos left from a legacy of exploitation, occupation and irrelevant values set by generations of ruling minorities. Our aim and focus is that our children and their future generations inherit proper values, based on a way of living that encompasses our inner ability to love through a society operating in peace and harmony. Jakaara is about us all working together as a unified entity towards a common goal.

Research and development facilities will be constructed and designed to introduce new technologies for implementation into new structures and living spaces as well as the creation of new clean energy sources by sharing our information freely, this will produce the ability to supply clean goods and services on a global scale.

Sources of energy will be explored and developed, but not be limited to, algae, bacteria, biomass, currents, electrostatic, falling water, fusion energy, geothermal, gravity, hydrogen, magnetism, magnification, ocean tides, phase transformation, pulse, renewable, temperature differentials, thermionics, wind and water.

There will be no patents as the goal is to achieve results freely available to the planet’s entire population. Focus will be given to technologies that take away the mundane laborious functions of society giving people, the opportunity to expand their minds toward their true potential.

These facilities will be linked via satellites to other research and educational facilities, strategically positioned to monitor planetary health. Emphasis for these facilities and other global developments will be through the co-operation of all nations that we may pool our respective resources for the good of all, taking away any requirement for armed conflict.

Planetary resource will become the basis for society to function allowing access, to the requirements of the people, without the need of money, credit, barter, or any other form of debt or servitude. The world’s resources are to be the Global Bank for the common good of all.

New constructions will encompass the globe with new and more efficient community designs, modes of energy, resource and waste management and will be given construction criteria based on the co-operation of the people from each region with a view to designs that work in with their respective environments.

Resources will be assessed globally that we may cover the needs of the total population’s requirement for housing, food, water, health, transport, education and recreation, and will also be coordinated in with the needs of other species that make up the web of life on planet Earth.

Our objective is to overcome scarcity and provide for the needs of the entire world’s people through the creation of a sustainable, living, vibrant civilization that will eliminate all wars, fears, poverty and hunger.

A lot of time and resource is wasted in attempts to update current city infrastructure and transportation systems. The cost of operation and maintenance is too high. It is easier and more efficient to build new cities from the ground up, than it is to restore and maintain the old ones. In constructing these new cities we will use more innovative and differing options, such as those that will be showcased in the South East Queensland corridor, at the “World Indigenous Seminal Exposition” in 2018.

Cities can be constructed with differing criteria. Some can be circular, while others can be linear, underground, floating or underwater, and will all be built utilizing better resource and construction techniques. These cities would all have the ability to supply their own nutritional requirement, giving independence and sustainability.

Geometrically elegant arrangements, gardens, parks, reefs all designed to operate with efficient uses of energy and resource that co-exist with their natural surroundings.

Design and development must work in with the environment providing clean air, water, food, health, nutrition, entertainment, accessibility, care and education.

Waste recycling, power generating systems and other services would all be managed by fully integrated systems.

In planning, computers will assist on a micro and macro level to determine design based on analysis of data for each respective region. Population will determine infrastructure required and will be the best that our science and technology can provide.

Once new technologies are introduced, then entire cities would be automatically assembled on site from prefabricated sections made in automated plants. These would function as evolving integrated organisms that are able to accommodate change.

The environment created will permit the widest possible range of individuality and creativity for everyone.

The Jakaara Project will be centred around the Southeast Queensland region and as a circumstance there will be a major increase in tourism as people internationally and nationally flock to view these conceptual designs.

The area is significantly positioned and is noted as being one of Australia’s fastest growing regions that is renowned for its innovations.

The Queensland people have a saying in regards to their state, that it’s ‘beautiful one day, perfect the next’, we could not aspire to a more appropriate saying, that gives rise to a culture, mind set and the inspiration required for the healthy development of this project.

The district has a long tradition of entrepreneurial enterprises and it is the intention of the project visionaries and their supporting staff to combine with the talents of the local councils and their respective communities from project inception, development and construction to the ongoing service, maintenance and management that will be required after project completion.

The initial development will include a research and development facility to introduce new technologies and energies for implementation into this as well as other sites, structures and living spaces. The project will encompass new community designs, modes of energy, transportation, resource and waste management.

Constructions will be undertaken with differing sets of criteria based on the major regions of the globe, Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Pacific.

They will be constructed with and in co-operation of the people from those regions with a view to their respective climatic, social, cultural and resource environment.

Focus will also be given to assist with the infrastructural changes required for the accommodation and movement of people leading up to, during and after the Exposition and Commonwealth Games.

The long term developmental plan is the reorganization of society’s outmoded structures, economies, systems and modus operandi so we can all co-exist in peace and harmony through the proper promotion of our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Collaborative governance is the key element to this process as community groups, business leaders and political representatives work together toward common goals throughout these developments. Bringing the best and brightest together to work through the differing social and economic issues throughout these developments can only elicit an outcome that will benefit all.

The motivation for the ongoing effort to bring about the Jakaara Project is quite simple, to include people. The average everyday individual needs to be included in all stages of developments that are aimed at truly satisfying the needs of the community from its concept to the daily ongoing operations.

The new millennium has begun and the needs of society and its living environs are changing. This dramatic change has already been seen in attempts to care for our planet through anti-pollution and recycling mechanisms.

Societies need for a sense of community and family is now becoming more prevalent as developments throughout Australia and overseas saw trends toward gated communities such as Sanctuary Cove and many other similar developments of areas where the entrance to a community is through a permanent or automatically controlled gated system designed to keep out unsavory elements.

While these communities serve to protect their residents from those elements that are deemed unsavory or criminal they have not developed a sense of family community. Of course themes need to be covered in all aspects of a community from education to the values of the working environment and as a diverse cultural country; Australia has in some sense lost its sense of community through this diversity.

The aim of the Maiona Group is to build a community taking in to account all aspects of society utilizing a tightly knit group of people interested in developing lifestyles and values that will cement the future of their environment.

Three key themes in this project is the development of: People, Assets, Enterprise

Outcomes produced will be a skilled and motivated workforce creating a new economic paradigm reflecting productive enterprises replacing the speculative manipulation of money.

The models developed will set benchmarks in creating the energy and spirit of cooperation through the merging of all cultural beliefs and dogma into a truly vibrant, loving and caring existence, changing our environment and lives forever.

The Jakaara project has been established to;

    • Provide a place where innovative products from around the world can be showcased.
    • Build a development that is beyond current construction strategies utilizing all facets of the community from conception to completion.
    • Make things available through the development, training, work and educational facilities for all members of the community.
    • Help people develop themselves Create, develop and continually improve the way we conduct ourselves and our business.
    • Create an environmentally sound development that alters to the needs of our surroundings.
    • Create new thought patterns in dealings with community, commerce, business and governing bodies.
    • Promote unified operations.
    • Create a safe, harmonious and loving work environment.
    • Promote cooperation between all members of society irrespective of their ethnicity, religion, age or disability.
  • Jakaara is about looking beyond the normal parameters to provide a forum of stimulus, creating a new way of thinking.

This project is a full community effort and will be driven with the co-operation of all the people.