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It may not look like it, but the world is healing. Let me explain:

Healing is all about frequencies. A problem is of low frequency. Health is high frequency. Energy has to move. It does so through the body’s meridian system and it’s chakras.

People get ill because they block the energy flow in their bodies. This happens through a number of mechanisms, for example a trauma can induce a contraction which results in a blockage of energy. Basically this is the same for physical or emotional and mental traumas. The body likes to encapsulate these blockages on the physical but also on the emotional and mental (and other) levels. When applying energy healing to these blockages, the following happens: First the encapsulated blockage (containing the trauma) opens up. This is the moment that the trauma becomes ‘active’ again and more pain or anguish can be felt. Never stop here or you may retraumatize the person. The capsule is opened but the energy is still of low vibration. Keep on applying energy healing as to raise the vibration to the level of the healer. This way the blockage is resolved and the felt problem disappears.

This is happening to our world! We can see all the negativity come to the light. All hidden deals, the libor scandal, the Vatican scandals, the lies of basically all of our governments, the bilderberger meetings, the control of our mainstream media etc. We are in a state where the capsules are being opened and the dirt (low vibrations) is made visible. Now the transformation can begin to raise the frequencies and bring back the world to vibrant health!

Therefore all these negative things that are coming to the light are fantastic happenings, since they show us that we are one step closer to a wonderful world!