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We are constantly changing. With all the new incoming energies our bodies are upgraded daily. While the changes will be different for each of us and they may come in different time frames, all of us are affected.

For me during autumn 2011 and spring 2012 I felt a strong pressure building up in the back of my neck. Where my neck connects to my head. Last may it surely felt like a new chakra opened up there. When I say ‘a new’ chackra, it may be new for me, consciously, but I think it existed all along. It was just not activated, not very much activated or severely blocked. Also, it is outside of the 7 well known chakras. From the opening of this chakra I have not noticed any differences in my body, feelings or abilities.

A few days ago it was time for another ‘new’ chakra to open up. This one is placed at the thymus, high on my breastbone. Some call it the high heart. The opening of this chakra was pretty amazing. It was like the whole world was a little bit more beautiful, everything a little more interesting, I felt happier and a soft bliss was present the rest of the day. It was nothing earth shaking, but very present non the less.

Now the feeling comes and goes. It seems i’m fluctuating in and out of it. However, when I want I can easily activate the chakra again and the bliss is back! Wow!