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Many people believe that when you die you go through a life review, where you see your whole life before your eyes. Every person you have wronged, every problem in your life and all the emotions involved.

The time we are currently in (july, august) there are new frequencies coming into the world that are changing us. Our bodies, our minds. We are being upgraded. These frequencies, however, also stimulate old problems, emotions to come to the surface again. We can have the experience of a life review whithout the dying part. Therefore we can feel feelings of anger, loneliness, disconnection, hopelessness and even depression.

Don’t be alarmed. This is actually a good thing. These things are coming to the surface now so that we can release them once and for all. Where we are going there is no place for these negative feelings/low frequencies anymore, so they have to go!

So hang in there. It will go over. Just keep breathing and these feelings will slowly disappear. Actually the best way to handle them is quite simple. When a memory is coming up that still has a negative emotion connected to it, just focus 100% on the feeling. When you do this totally, you are not thinking anymore what the feeling stands for. For example who made you angry because this or that was done to you. After a few minutes when you focus entirely on the feeling, you will notice that the feeling disappears. This is very easy to do and very effective. Try it out!