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The changes that have occurred over the last 6 months or so are huge. For me personally it has resulted in a state of mind where there are no more worries, no more constant talking in my head. Actually that happened already more than 6 months ago. Now what has changed most is that I’m more in the NOW moment. Most people are living in or attached to the past or they are worrying about their future. They are surely not in the NOW. In the moment they actually ARE alive. For me, the past and the future have lost a lot of their importance. It is still there but not taking much ‘space’ anymore. I’m mostly living in the NOW. When I cut the grass, I am really here cutting the grass. Previously I have ‘tried’ to live in the NOW, but that was only a concept, a thought. It is a huge difference to be actually living it.

The other thing that has changed which is connected to living in the NOW, is that ‘story’ and ‘drama’ has disappeared. They are not important any more and even when big things happen, there is absolutely no feeling anymore that it has to be retold and augmented for dramatic effect. There is also a strong disinterest in conversations about smalltalk and other peoples’ drama.

I’m also living more from the heart, following impulses when to do things in stead of following my mind. This way there is much more flow. This is still getting stronger and stronger. Besides all this there have been chakras activating. Just last week we got a lot of much needed grounding. I had several days that my root chackra was overly active, followed by the chakras in my feet. More grounding also resulted in a stronger feeling of joy.

It seems that some people are aware of these changes, but many are seemingly totally unaware. However, I have seen the changes in some of these ‘unaware’ people and I’m guessing that they just have no frame of reference for these changes and thus shrug them off as just another strange feeling.

Lately, I have had a strong feeling that something big is going to happen. Don’t know what or when, but it has to do with the ascension process. Well I guess we can only wait and see…