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Truth is a day fresh commodity. What is true one day is not true another day. The earth for example. One day the truth was that the earth was flat and that you would fall off if you came too close to the edge. Nowadays the truth is that the earth is round. However if you look closely you would notice that actually it is a bit squashed.

Maybe what I’m saying makes more sense to you if I call it ‘belief system’ instead of ‘truth’. A belief system is a working image of how we experience our world. This is open to change. It changes when we grow up. As a kid our world is mostly local, the sandbox, the other kids to play with and our parents that (hopefully) provide us with food and clothes. When we are grown this world has changed and we have to go out and earn some income otherwise we can’t pay the taxman, our mortgages etc. Our belief system has changed.

For most people however, their belief system becomes the truth and therefore unchangeable. We become stuck in our thinking, stuck in our being. When we are stuck like this and something ‘out of the norm’ happens. Let’s say you see an UFO. If seeing an UFO is not part of your belief system, your truth, then the experience is actually easily edited away by your brain. You have to repeat the experience over and over again to not forget it like a dream evaporating during wake up. If you keep seeing UFO’s it may be too much for you and you go into shock. Because changing an ingrained belief system can be very very uncomfortable, people may even lash out in anger when their belief system is challenged. It is literally like a part of them is dying.

But let’s be honest. If we look at our lives and our belief system. What do we surely know to be true? We have learnt a lot during our lives. We may have been through university even. But most of the things others have told us as being true, they have not experienced themselves and can therefore themselves not be sure that what they tell you IS the truth. And so a belief system is slowly build. Therefore we have to change our stance. We have to look at our belief systems as just that, a belief system. Ready to change when new information or better yet, new experience is coming in. I think we have to stop looking for the truth for we won’t find it. There is always a deeper truth.

Change is the only constant we can be sure of. So we would actually feel a whole lot better if we can start to enjoy change!