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I think it was in last april that I suddenly noticed people were kinder. They were friendlier to me, people that never talked to me came and did so. Also they were kinder to each other. Interestingly, a number of people around the world have also announced they thought people had become kinder. This has continued to this date and slowly it has gotten stronger and more pronounced.

For me this was the first outward sign or evidence that something is really going on in our world. From autumn 2011 onwards I have been noticing that the energy on earth is changing.  We have been blasted with new frequencies and as a result we, our bodies and energy systems, are constantly being updated. This has been accompanied by a number of symptoms like feeling very tired, exhausted one minute and energised the next, difficulty to remember things, living more in this moment, moments of ‘not being here at all’ and more.

As I understand it, this is all for the good and will lead to a world of truth, honesty, joy and abundance. Important during these times is to more and more follow our hearts, let our heart decide what we should do and where we should go and let our heart decide if the things you read are truth or not.

We are still blasted with energies and huge change is on the way. I’m in awe to be able to watch and be in this ongoing transformation! How long will this be going on? I don’t know. And I don’t care. I’m here for the ride!